Analysis Using nutritional analysis software, analyze your daily food intakes and answer questions in Part Ill of this activity, Keep the record on fl le for future applications, A Computer-Generated Dietary Analysis Load the software into the computer, or log on to software website. 2. Choose the DRIS or related nutrient standard from the inside back cover, based on your life stage, sex, height, and weight. 3.

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Enter the Information from the 3-day food Intake record. Be sure to enter each food and drink and the specific amounts. . The software program will give you the following results: a. The appropriate RDA (or related standard) for each nutrient b. The total amount of each nutrient and the kilocalories consumed for each day c. The percentage intake compared with the standard amount for each nutrient that you consumed each day 5. Keep this assessment for activities In other chapters ‘ Of2 Remember it is not necessary to consume the maximum of your nutrient recommendations every day.

A general standard is meeting at least 70% of the tandards averaged over several days. It is best not to exceed the Upper Level (if set) over the long term to avoid potential toxic effects of some nutrients. A. For which nutrients did your average intake fall below the recommended amounts, that is, to less than 70% of the RDA/AI? B. For which nutrients did your average intake exceed the Upper Level (if a UL has been set)? ‘V. MYPlate This activity determines how your diet stacks up when compared to the amounts of foods from each food group that are recommended in the USDA www. oosemyplate. gov A. Refer to your 3-day food intake record. Classify each food item in the appropriate food group of MyPlate. For each food group, indicate whether you ate the recommended amount daily for your sex, age, height, weight, and physical activity level. Note that some of your food choices”pizza, for example”may contribute to more than one food group. Enter a minus sign (-) if your total falls below the MyPlate recommendation or a plus sign (+) if it equals or exceeds the daily recommendation for each food group.

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