Dietary Supplements

4 April 2015
Researches the use of non-herbal supplements, with a reference to Mark McGuire, the baseball player.

This paper examines various dietary supplements and the trend in using them focusing on the case of Mark McGuire, the baseball player.
“The most famous of the non-herbal supplement is the widely used and marketed, creatine. Creatine is naturally occurring amino acid produced by the kidneys and liver that is stored in the muscle cells as creatine phosphate, and the process of creatine delays fatigue and supplies quick energy for short durations. The liver produces about two grams of creatine in a day and creatine is transported through the blood stream to muscles. The Kidneys remove excess levels of creatine, which makes those athletes who already have a high muscle creatine content at no advantage by taking more creatine (Mayo 4).”
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