Difference Between Casual and Fine Dining

7 July 2016

This study examined the relationship among six restaurant attribute factors and three consumer characteristics/behaviors in fine-dining restaurant choice selections. The six factors are described as promotion, price/value, quality expectation, setting, dietary, and variety/innovative characteristics. Gender, age, and dining frequency were shown to impact the strength of the relationship with these six factors. The results of this study provide valuable information for practitioners and future research. Practitioners should consider key target market characteristics to ensure a fit between restaurant attributes and expectations of targeted customers. Fine dining would be a place for which you would dress nicely to go to, and it most likely would be a bit more expensive. Casual dining is a place that you just go normally dressed and have a normal meal.

They might both serve the same but the characteristics and behaviors would be different because of the customer service and just service all together The real issue that separates a casual dining restaurant from a fine dining one is the service. Of course there are other issues; the items do tend to be more expensive, but instead of having people just hired and trained as cooks (as many casual dining establishment do) the majority of fine dining restaurant have certified chefs who have graduated from culinary school. The food should be very good, but it isn’t always just to die for.

Difference Between Casual and Fine Dining Essay Example

The reason fine dining restaurant tend to be more expensive is because you’re not only paying for food, but also for the level of service you’re receiving. Servers generally undergo more training in order to work at a fine dining restaurant. They’re taught the proper way to server dishes, such as serve from left pick up from the right, serve and pickup drinks from the right; serve all people at the same time and know where all dishes go, never yell dish names at a table to see who gets them, just pick up dishes at the same time. Just the more tiny details that make dining out a totally different experience.

I have visited two restaurants within two days, one was casual restaurant named Shari’s and the other one that I visited was a fine restaurant named Canyon Crest. Dining out at these two restaurants made me realize how different they are from each other. Starting from service, friendly faces to professional dressing, table clothes and glasses for drinks that they provided. Both places had delicious food but just seeing how people dress and act in two different places showed the difference between the two restaurants.

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