Difference Between Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

What do you think is the difference between management skills and entrepreneurship?. How do they contribute to the economic success of a business? Management skills is about making an existing business work effectively and efficiently, organizing and coordinating the activities according to certain policies and achieving clearly defined objectives (i. e. vision, mission). Usually, the foundation of the business has been laid and established.

It involves planning, controlling, leading and directing and the managers are usually focused on managing and growing the business Entrepreneurship is someone who transforms innovation into a business process especially for market which never exists, often associated with uncertainties. An entrepreneur will look for changes, respond to it and seize it as an opportunity. The next step is to assemble a team, locate resources, raise the needed capital and start the new business idea.

An entrepreneur is flexible in adapting to the rapid changing to the market conditions and ideas which are important factors in developing strategies for a company’s growth. The economy has become more competitive and more demanding, thus the pressure of having the best management skills and entrepreneurship skills are becoming more important. Management skills will ensure that an established organization is managed effectively and efficiently towards achieving clearly defined objectives.

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