Difference Between Medival and Renaissance Period Essay Sample

8 August 2017

First. I think it’s of import to observe the inevitable semantic argument that must be had here before you can properly turn to the inquiry. ‘Middle Ages’ and ‘Renaissance’ can’t be compared straight. They aren’t two things that followed each other.

‘Middle Ages’ is a tag much like Antiquity. in-between ages. early modern period. modern period. It is used to mention to a specific clip frame. ‘Renaissance’ isn’t used to mention to a period of clip. It was a cultural motion. Now it did take topographic point in the 14th to. arguably. 17th centuries ( ish ) . but it wasn’t a period of clip as such. it was a motion. This can be shown in the fact that frequently you hear historiographers discoursing different ‘Renaissances’ . For case. whilst the Renaissance as most of us know it today began in Italy in the fourteenth century. those thoughts did non truly distribute into northern Europe – and England is classed in aboard those – until the terminal of the fifteenth century and the beginnings of the 16th. So the cultural motion of the Renaissance impacts different countries of Europe at different times. Whereas the ‘Early Modern period’ . or the ‘Middle Ages’ don’t affect topographic points at different times. they are approximately the same clip period across the whole of Europe. I hope that helps to demo the semantic difference between the two?

However. that cultural motion did take topographic point in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. and spanned the two. The thoughts that came about during the late-Middle Age period of the Renaissance are one ground that modern historiographers would state the Middle Ages ended at around the bend of the sixteenth century. when the early modern period began.

The grounds for this are mostly related to antiquity and classical beginnings. The Middle Ages are. or at least were. frequently referred to as the Dark Ages. The ground for this is that the period between the autumn of Rome and the oncoming of Renaissance idea was that the visible radiations of classical antiquity – the plants of Aristotle and Cicero. architecture. artistic conventions etc. – had been ‘blocked out’ . Humanist critics and so called Enlightenment ‘philosophes’ would subsequently claim that the Church had blocked out those beginnings in order to solidify their authorization and control.

The Renaissance period though saw a return to those things. The classical period came back into trend. Even the ‘Church’ ( Catholic Church if you want to name it that. although at the start of the Renaissance. there hadn’t been the Protestant split yet ) adopted the thoughts of people such as Aristotle and. subsequently – in the early modern ‘Counter-Reformation’ period – Cicero’s thoughts and regulations about oratory were cardinal influences for new Catholic thoughts about their sermon methods. You besides see a return to sculptures and wider art that was influenced by classical beginnings. political idea began to be more influenced by classical governments etc. etc. Later. the Enlightenment would once more travel off from classical beginnings and governments towards a sense of ground and personal experience. instead than trusting on beginnings written 1700 old ages antecedently.

So. to sum up. you can’t truly compare the Middle Ages and the Renaissance straight. The Renaissance began in the Middle Ages and moved on into the early modern period. However. if we are to take the basic differences between pre-Renaissance Middle Ages and the Middle Ages of the Renaissance. so the chief difference would be. to set it merely. the focal point on classical beginnings and inspiration from antiquity that was present in the latter of the two. but absent in the former.

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