Difference Between Online Learning and Classroom Learning Essay Sample

10 October 2017

In Marion. at my parents house. they gave me a topographic point to remain with a roof over my caput. they back me on what I do everyday. They do things around the house to allow me hold clip for my schooling. making prep. and surveies. It happened in August. of 2012. when I was remaining with friends and they got evicted. and I had no other topographic point to populate. I was speaking to Judy and she said I was non kiping under a span. for me to come and remain with her and my male parent and assist them out since they have had bosom onslaughts and need person to assist them out. Judy is endorsing me on traveling to church and making my college categories. she is the 1 who said for me to come and remain at their topographic point to assist them. Me holding to kip under a span in the cold truly disquieted me. But I want to thank GOD for taking me to assist and remain at my parents. I besides want to thank GOD for the other people in my life to that wants to endorse me on my schooling and traveling to church.

Pastor Bud got me to see that GOD had something large for me and I eventually went and got my approval from GOD. Pastor Bud has helped me though a batch here in the past few months and I want to thank him a batch for what he has done for me. I want to thank Wendell and Judy Moore. for allowing me remain with them and I do a batch for them in return. I make certain they get to their physicians assignments and do their repasts since they are on a particular diet. I have came a long manner since I have been with them and I love them a batch. Melody Shurtleff. I can state she has push me to my bound about me traveling to school and remaining in church. I want to thank Melissa

Difference Between Online Learning and Classroom Learning Essay Sample Essay Example

Bishop. for doing certain I get things done when I need to. And. Robert Mills. for giving me clip off from him to make my school assignment and church and to make my surveies for college classs.

I want to thank the particular people that has been at that place for me. I do non believe there is any words that can depict what they have done for me. All I can make is finish and demo them I can carry through what they think and know I can make in my life. So I think if I complete and acquire my grade in Paralegal and make what GOD has in shop for me. I will carry through what everyone has push and backed me up on in my life. That will do everyone really proud of me that I was able to make it.

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