9 September 2016

Aims and Objectives, Similarities and Differences (Tesco’s and NHS) (M1) Similarities| Differences| Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to satisfy their customers/patients. They do this by offering outstanding services and making sure they solve their problems. | Tesco’s has an aim to make profit, whilst the NHS has an aim to provide a service for the public. Tesco’s make profit by getting good suppliers and NHS provides a service through tax payer’s money. Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to stay successful as they are both well-known businesses and organizations. | Tesco is a PLC (Public Limited Company) and NHS is more of a public service. |

Both NHS and Tesco’s have aims to make sure there products are perfect. They do this by checking their products a number of times. | Tesco’s have an aim to grow their business whilst the NHS wants to keep on top of their patients. | Both NHS and Tesco’s have aims to achieve higher. They do this by having regular meetings and coming up with new ideas. Tesco’s has an aim for their customers to keep coming back whilst the NHS have an aim to keep their patients out of hospital instead of them coming back. | Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to build a loyal team of staff. They do this by making sure they employee the best people for the job and they try to make their staff happy. | The NHS has an aim keep in touch with their patients after they have been treated, whilst Tesco’s doesn’t keep in contact with their customers after they’ve visited the store. |

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