Different Crimes in Different Societies

4 April 2017

Different Crimes in Different Societies Crimes are all over the world, and unfortunately, we cannot stop them or prevent them from occurring. However, at least every society has its own way to reduce them by certain laws. Crimes are different form society to another, depending on the culture, the population, and the society of each country. First, culture has a huge impact on the criminals.

For example, In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia women are less likely to commit any kind of crime such as, shoplifting, murder, or theft ,because they are socialized by their religion, which puts them under a lot of pressure. Therefore, women have almost never committed a crime there. On the other hand, women in the U. S are more likely to commit a crime because of the equality between men and women. Laws are defined as external controls for some criminals who do not have internal controls.

Internal controls can be defined as beliefs,and values. Almost every day we hear about many kinds of crime in The U. S. like stealing and defacement of property, unlike S. A where there are some people who are capable of stealing, killing, or breaking laws, but they do not even think about it because almost everyone is religious and socialized by the culture, so they are stopped from doing crimes by those two main things . Internal controls play a huge role in Saudi Arabia, unlike the U. S. Which mostly depends on the external controls.

Clearly, religions and cultures play a really important role in some societies. Not only can culture deter crimes, but also population can deter them. The population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is lesser than the population in the U. S. Therefore, crimes are less likely to occur over there. Big cities that have a big number of population usually contain a lot of criminals because in big cities people’s needs are more expensive than small cities, which makes crime occurring more often. In S.

A we have a small population, so the government can afford the basics that the people need. Therefore, there is no need to steal or commit a stupid crime while they are being taken care of. However in the U. S. , there is no way to cover all of these people’s needs and stop the criminals from committing crimes such as, dealing with drugs, murder, and theft. Finally, crimes happened by criminals. Criminals are socialized by their societies. Societies are different from place to another. Therefore, there is a huge different between the crimes in S.

A and the crimes In U. S. For instance, in S. A the most common crime committed there is drifting. However, the most common crime committed in the U. S is murder because in S. A there is no place such as a Ghetto. There are no people such as gangsters either. Clearly, some society has ways to reduce the rate of crime. In conclusion, S. A has different crimes and has different rate of crime than the U. S because of three main things, which are, culture, population, and differences between each society.

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