Different Learning Styles Make Better Students

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses how memory, focus, tests, and study can contribute to making a better student.

The paper shows how by concentrating on correct learning techniques, the student can succeed in his studies. The paper analyzes different steps and methods, the first being setting goals to have focus. Thereafter, the paper discusses effective studying methods, and general methods of studying such as outlining, understanding and elaboration. Finally the paper covers the issue of using memory effectively in tests.
“Most of the students focus on committing study matter to memory. Though memorizing is the initial step towards effective learning, it neither gets students through most courses at college level, nor makes it possible for any practical application in the professional field. Understanding, as looking at the relationships between different facts that are related, and comprehending how they go together, is necessary. Understanding includes the ability to explain in satisfactory detail what the facts under study mean, and what conclusions can be formed reasonably from these facts.”

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