Different Styles of Essay Writing

8 August 2016

The essay is said to be a short piece of writing on a specific topic by the author from their own point of view. Essays are written by different authors and writers on various different topics and subjects. Essays are a big area of various genres in it. That means that essays can be of many types. The two most important and famous types of essays are expository essays and argumentative essays. Both the types of the essays are different in their own way and have their own position in the field of essays. Both the essays with their various diversified features and specifications have different style and formats.

Expository Expository essay is the form of an essay that states facts about a topic. The form of writing needs researching on the topic, gaining information on the topic and then preparing for it and then writing about it. The writing of these essays is only based on facts. Particular one side of the topic is taken into consideration and then the essay is starting with valid and reasonable points on the topic. A particular expository essay should have a number of features. They should be clear and defined in the first paragraph. There should be logical transitions in between all the paragraphs used.

Properly supports of evidence should be mentioned in the paragraphs of the body of the essay. Creativity is also needed and observed in the piece. Examples of expository essays can be written on a particular subject, such as a place or a theme or many others. Argumentative Argumentative essay is slightly different from the expository essay. Both the essays require intensive study of the topic and needs relevant incidental facts on it. Both the essays have to go under research before starting the writing and both need to be written with proper transitions and creativity.

But the only difference that lies in between the argumentative essay and the expository essay is that expository essay has to be written from one point of view while argumentative, has to be written with both the pros and cons of the topic. Argumentative essays are the essays that are noted to be the longest in writing. They can go endless with the various arguments in the various pros and cons or the advantages and disadvantages of the topic. Some of the examples of the argumentative essays can be child abuse, healthy food, fashion statement and many more.

Difference between the expository essay and the argumentative essay: Expository essay and the argumentative essay are almost same in their skills and techniques. But a very narrow line divides both the writings. Expository essays are written keeping one particular side of the topic in mind while argumentative essays are written in a tone of argument between the pros and cons of the topic in the same essay. Both the essays are a mixture of facts and creativity, but argumentative essays can be much longer than the expository essays.

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