Difficulties in Learning English Language

Learning different languages sounds a little tough. English is one of theses difficult languages. In some countries, learning English is very difficult because they start learning it in a late ages. Actually, learning English is difficult because of its various vocabularies, complicated grammar, and its hard accent. English language has a lot of words. These words are not easy to remember for most of English learners. Most English words have different parts of speech like adjective, verb, and adverts.

This division of English words make them not easy to remember. In some cases, it is tough not only for the foreigner students, but also for the native speaker students. Moreover, some English word have the same meanings and sometimes we can use them in different situations. As a result, English words are not easy for many students.

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Difficulties in Learning English Language
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One obvious difficult thing in learning English is grammar. English grammar has many rules that could be tough for many students. For instance, the past perfect, the past perfect continuous, and the past perfect participles.

Many students are confused when they speak or write especially if they try to speak fluently, Thus, the grammar is considered one of the most difficult issues in learning English. The accent of the English language in some countries makes English a little bit tough to understand. Moreover, the American accent is not easy especially for the foreigners who are not familiar with it. Thus, the accent is not easy in understanding English. To sum up, learning English has many difficulties. These are involved with its various words, different grammar, and the accents. These problems face many foreigner students who want to learn this language.

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