Digital Revolution

2 February 2017

“Describe the impact of the digital revolution on marketing and on consumer behaviour” What is Digital Revolution? It is the change to digital technology from analog mechanical and electronic technology which happened during 1980s and still going till today. What is Marketing? Marketing is a process of selling and promoting good and services; it involves market research as well as advertising.

What is Consumer Behaviour? It is a study about people, who are consumers of how, why, when, and where they do or don’t buy a good or a service, it is a study of understanding their decisions in buying a product.Digital revolution has generated a change in the world, which will change basically everything, from the way we live, our perspectives and especially our future. With the introduction of technology and digital tools, our future has changed in a number of ways and in this essay will talk about how digital revolution has impacted marketing and consumer behaviour. Marketing is a process of selling and promoting goods and services, it involves market research as well as advertising.Marketing must keep up with technology as it evolves; if not there would not be any way to market goods or services to societies who have embraced the digital revolution. With this, some marketers will automatically change towards the digital revolution but some will have a hard time adapting towards the digital revolution. Marketing has no other choice but to move towards digital revolution, as that is where the world is moving towards to as well as where the future will be, and so marketing must keep up with digital revolution.

Digital Revolution Essay Example

Why?Because if marketing does not give in to the ways of the digital age, how will marketers market? Marketing is needed everywhere, whether we want it or not, it has impacted us greatly in many ways. Both the young and old will have to get used to it. The invention of the internet has impacted marketing in a creative way, such as how advertisers and marketers promote or advertise their products or services. With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is much easier to reach out to target audiences and also faster. Traditional ethods of advertising and marketing are still used but most make use of the technology today to create better results that before. Those who still use traditional marketing may be left in the dark or poor sales unless they switch to online marketing. Nowadays most societies, have embraced technology, everyone either has a cell phone, laptop, tablet, mp3s or Ipods or Ipads.

Retrieving information has become much easier due to the invention of the internet and these gadgets, where we can get information anywhere and anytime whether on the internet, TV, radio etc.Everyone can be kept up to date with what’s going on around the world as well as how companies can keep in touch with their consumers through the internet. News travels fast as well, with the invention of mobile phones, internet and radio unlike before where people had to write letters or even travel in order to get information from one ear to another. Companies like Mango, keep in touch with their consumer through Facebook or through their website, and Star newspapers have also adopted the SMS News updating service, where breaking news is sent to the hand phones, that way the person can be kept updated.Companies are also able to keep immediate feedback from consumers using the internet; it is fast, easy and convenient. It is much easier to reach consumers faster and more conveniently, which builds the relationship between consumers and marketers as communication won’t be such a problem, whether it’s via phone or via internet. With fast feedback, companies can plan and change their ways to please the consumers due to what the consumers has to say.

Some companies have questionnaires or feedback page where consumers can express their dissatisfaction or displeasure.The internet has also made paying bills or making payments much easier. With sites such as EBay, consumers can look for what they want online and even purchase it online and have it delivered to them all with click. Banks and insurance companies have adopted this method to make it more convenient for consumers as well as to attract consumers. Transactions between businesses have also changed as they can communicate through email or chat to make communication faster and easier.Some companies such as Dell have a toll free number for customers who have trouble with their gadgets and can call the number and talk to the operator and can repair the gadget by themselves with the aid of the operator on the phone. This saves time and money for the consumers as they do not have to travel to the repair centre and pay for repair services.

Advertising has also changed due to digital revolution as they there are many types of media to reach the wanted audience; marketers can customize the way they advertise to grab the consumer’s attention in the most creative way and in many types of media, anytime and anywhere.Advertising today has become very important as it is how marketers let consumers know about their products and services, that is why advertising also has to evolve accordingly to technology. Digital Revolution has also made an impact on consumer behaviour, because as marketing evolves with technology, the consumers will also move into the 21st century, which makes their choices and decisions behind buying a product change.Consumers today, as I’ve mentioned have many choices to choose from and so, logically, consumers want quality products which are affordable. Consumer behaviour has changed, as with the growth of choices, consumers have different likings, particular individualities and buying patterns due economic, functional and psychological reasons. Today consumers have more power than they did 10 years ago or even 50 years ago, they have choices and opinions, so consumers are very important in determining the success in one’s product or service.There are much more options, varieties of products or service, for example; a washing detergent has more than 10 types of brands or kinds; that is why consumers have more supremacy in the business world, they have options, choices, opinions and decisions.

Consumers’ power over purchasing has escalated due to digital revolution, as there is always a new product, or a improved version of a product, etc. These products have set a standard for consumers, so consumers want to be in that standard, in other words they don’t want to be left in the dark and want to follow these technology trends.Technology trends such as the latest games, latest apps, latest gadgets or cell phones. To conclude, Digital Revolution has changed the way we live, the way we see things but most importantly it has changed the future, not only the future of advertising or business but also the world. And at this pace that the world is going, I believe that there is no stopping the ever evolving technologies that are being built, innovated and created today, tomorrow and so forth.

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