Digital Technology in the Music Industry

4 April 2015
An exploration of the influence digital technology has had on the music industry.

The paper explores in detail the positive and negative impacts of digital technology on the music industry in general and on digital music companies. The paper then examines the most important and concrete measure that has been taken to prevent piracy and meet the challenges posed by the digital technology; the development of Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). The paper discusses the viability and effectiveness of this initiative.
“The music industry is changing rapidly with the invasion of digital technology. We no longer even remember that there was a time when we got music on vinyl audiocassettes. The digitized music is sold in the form of MP3 files that can be downloaded from the Internet. Many major players in the field of digital music have reason to celebrate as the demand for digitized music is on the rise and no major change is likely in this trend at least in the foreseeable future.
“All music is now available in digital form which has replaced the old analog method of accessing music out-dated so much so that computers systems today are clogged with music files that have been downloaded directly from the internet, and the best part is that these digitized music files are available absolutely free of cost.”
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