Digital transformation

5 May 2017

Digital transformation, the Nike way marketingmagazine. co. uk I had the honor of sitting in on a presentation by a Marketing Specialist at Suite Partners in Chicago and Account Manager for Nike for the Chicago region. He spoke about Nike’s new marketing strategies and it sparked an interest in me to learn more. I found an article titled, Digital transformation, the Nike way, which I’d like to tie in with his presentation about Nike’s new advertising strategies.

The article is about a new book written by the vice-president of digital sport at Nike, Stephan Olander and ounder and chairman of AKQA, AJaz Ahmed, titled Velocity which is “The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital”. Digital transformation, the Nike way was written in May of 2012 by Nicola Clark of marketingmagazine. co. uk who interviewed the two authors of the book and I accessed it via the LexisNexis database.

The book is all about “how marketers can drive the innovation agenda in the digital age” that we’re currently living in, as Nicola says. This book provides some of Nike’s marketing strategies that he mentioned in his presentation and if they aren’t already, they will e a really important component to almost every company’s success. Nike doesn’t want to be that company that annoys people by over selling their products and services through obnoxious commercials. I mean how often do people now days actually watch a commercial?

If you’re anything like me, I DVR everything and fast forward through these obnoxious commercials, same with radio, whenever radio commercials come on l, more often than not, change the station. Those ways of advertising is nearly extinct or as they say in the article “that way of doing things has een evaporated”, say Olander. Our ways of communicating are different than they were Just 10 years ago and even Just last year. Companies need to adjust to the digital age that we are living in in order to survive and be successful. Nike is interested in attracting consumers through demand-creation.

They want to add emotional value to their products and services through their advertising to connect with the consumer on a deeper level and to set them apart from their competition or, as we learned, theyre giving their customer the Why before they give them the What’. By doing this, they are trying to attract consumers that that share their values and get them involved in a more active lifestyle. As he says “it’s all about the story’ and Nike is bringing the story of their consumers to life and with these stories, they are making an emotional connection and they are doing this as, Ahmed mentions, with different social channels.

They are connecting with their consumers in up to ‘hundreds of millions’ of ways through these different social channels. You can’t Just run a commercial now. You have to connect with your consumers in ways that are convenient to them and on their terms. They want you to come to them and entertain them, give them something that interests them. One of Nike’s biggest connections with their consumers is sharing. Ahmend explains that it’s not only important, but necessary to have something worth sharing because it’s all about what everyone else is doing. He says that “If someone doesn’t want to share it, then it might as well not exist. This is done by utilizing social media such as facebook, Instagram, and interest and most importantly ot all is word ot mouth and g reputation. Mentions on a late night television show, as we saw on TED TV, can make all the difference to a product or service. Trendy hash tags can now take a brand farther than any 30 second commercial on TV or an ad in a magazine. Any company needs to fgure out how they can set themselves apart from your competition and Nike does this through the experiences and the meaningful connections that they provide to their consumers.

A company also has to keep that direct connection with their onsumer because, as Olander says, “When you give up the direct connection to your consumer, you give up everything” because as we’ve learned, the consumer is the core of everything, they are the boss. A good majority of Nike’s consumers are athletes and Olander’s final remarks are about how Nike is keeping up with the times through their athlete consumers who inspire new ideas and keep them on their toes with our fast paced society. Olander states that mfou can never grow old when your consumer is young. “

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