Dimensional Analysis Lab

2 February 2017

In this Lab the students were required to do several tests and measurements and then convert these units into other units. There were five tests in all. The first test was measuring the average of three broad jumps in centimeters then find out how many jumps it would take to travel one mile. The second test involved measuring a candy bar (for my group we used a snickers bar) then finding out how many snickers bars end to end it would take to wrap around the equator of the earth.

For the third measurement we had to find out how many tootsie rolls were equivalent to a five pound tootsie roll.For the next test we had to find how long it took in hours to get to the center of a tootsie pop. For the final test we had to calculate our speed in mph then find out how many days it would take to get from Indianapolis to Chicago if you only walked five hours a day. The materials we used were a gram scale, tootsie roll, tootsie pop, snickers bar, and a meter stick. Materials 1. gram scale 2. tootsie roll 3.

Dimensional Analysis Lab Essay Example

tootsie pop 4. snickers bar 5.

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