Dimitri Mendeleev

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the life and contributions of Dimitri Mendeleev, the founder of the first Periodic Table of Elements.

This paper looks at the life-long contributions that Dimitri Mendeleev made to the field of chemistry. The author details Mendeleev’s personal and professional biography including his battle against childhood disease which almost cost him his life. His family’s struggle to insure that he was able to study at a prestigious university and to overcome the poverty into which he had been born influenced his drive to constantly work and succeed in his chosen field. In 1869 Mendeleev constructed the first Periodic Table of Elements. He also authored many books in the field of chemistry and predicted the discovery of many different elements, as well as weights and measure. The author also notes his many contributions to the advancement of technology in Russia.
Mendeleev was born in 1834 in Siberia. His family consisted of thirteen brothers and sisters, his mother and his father. The family was poor, his father eventually went deaf before he died, and yet Mendeleev’s mother insisted that her youngest child further his education. He hitchhiked over 14,000 miles across Russia to Moscow, only to be turned down by the University of Moscow because he was from Siberia. His mother never gave up, and the two of them traveled to St. Petersburg where he trained and eventually became a Professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of. St. Petersburg. (Chang, 233) During his third year of study there, Mendeleev fell ill, and was bedridden for the next year. He kept up with his studies, and graduated on time, and received the medal of excellence for being first in his class. (Rumppe, Sixtus
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