Dinner with a 50’s Legend Story Essay-Walt Disney

1 January 2017

WillieI sat at my desk staring at the blinking line in Microsoft word.? ?Still a blank page…I had been sitting here for three hours and I hadn’t been able to type a word.? ?A sigh escaped my lips as I looked around my boring room leaning back in my navy blue computer chair.? ?My neon green digital alarm clock told me it was? ?9:11? ?PM and I had school tomorrow.? ?I sat forward resting my head on one of my arms and staring at the screen.

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I could normally just start typing but this time I happened to have a serious case of writer’s block and it was going to kill me and my grade if I didn’t get this paper done. “? How can writing a paper about one of the most interesting men ever be so difficult?? ” ? I whined pathetically.? ?I have all the information,? ?I did the research,? ?but I had tried to write and nothing ever sounded the way I wanted it to.? ?The only words on the page were my name class hour,? ?title,? ?and assignment.? “? Dinner with Walt Disney…Should be easy? …”

I sighed looking at the posters of all things Disney.? ?I had posters of Mickey,? ?Donald,? ?Goofy,? ?Daisy,? ?Minnie,? ?all of them really.? ?I even had posters of the Kingdom Hearts game that had been made a few years back.? I looked through my notes and saw the designs for a? ?50? ’? s dress I had drawn when listening to the assignment.? ?It was super cute and I wanted to make it but I didn’t have the material or the time to do it.? ?I closed my laptop and stood up walking over to my bed covered in a Mickey Mouse comforter with Donald and Goofy pillow cases.? ?I fell back with a small bounce and stared at my light gray ceiling.

The walls were pastel pink and the floor was carpeted with gray only it was a few shades darker than the paint on the ceiling.? ?I wore a white tank top with a purple off shoulder top that was a bit short on me over top of it,? my legs were covered with dark gray skinny jeans and I only wore plain white socks on my feet.? ?I rolled over onto my stomach and felt a sharp jab to my left side.? ?I sat up and saw a small silver key there.? ?It was oddly shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head and I picked it up curiously.? ?It gleamed in the dim light of my room and I laid down again staring at the strange necklace that had suddenly appeared.? ?I had chosen to write about Walt Disney in the first place because he’s the person that inspired me to chase my dreams.

When I was little I would have a new dream for my future after I watched one of the many Disney movies out there.? Sure my research had picked out every aspect of his life for this paper,? ?but I wanted to meet the man who could make a kid have so many dreams and inspire so many people.? ?Meeting him would be amazing? ; ? unfortunately he died a while back making that dream impossible.? ?I sighed sitting up staring at the key. ?“? Oh well,? ?might as well wear it,? ?it’s cute,? ” ? I said placing the long chain around my neck.? ?The key rested over my heart and I smiled feeling a bit better.? ?Then something freaky happened,? ?well,? ?not freaky.? ?It was actually pretty awesome.

The key started to glow a bright,? ?pure,? white and then a small beam of light shot out at my wall where I didn’t have anything.? ?A hole began to open up but it wasn’t pulling me in,? ?soon a door had formed with a small stamp of the Mickey Mouse head in the middle that was colored gold.? ?I wasn’t afraid of it,? ?a bit shocked I’ll admit but anything with Mickey Mouse on it that was magic couldn’t be harmful.? ?I stood and walked to the door about to place my hand on it when suddenly it opened revealing the small mouse I had adored my entire life.

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