Dirty Sprite (DS2) by Future

11 November 2019

My first impression to DS2 was that it was an ok mixtape and I didn’t see the hype for it. The mixtape to everyone was a hit mixtape. After listening to the mixtape multiple times I realized that the mixtape was fire!
The tracks that stand out are “Were Ya At”, “Rich $ex”, “Blow a Bag”, “Real Sisters” and “Stick Talk”. These songs stand out the most because they have the most amazing beats and outstanding performances by other artists that remix these songs. The song the least stood out was “I Serve the Base” this reason is because no other high known artists remixed it but I liked the song a lot is my favorite. Every song on DS2 is a great song and have unique meaning and rhythm to every song.
The artist of the album is Future Hendrix, Future is 31 years old. The music Future creates is Hip-Hop and R&B. Similar artists to Future are, Migos, Meek Mill, Drake, and Rick Ross.
My overall opinion on the mixtape is that it was like no other and it was a great mixtape. “Real Sisters” is the best song from its upbeat tempo and rhythm. “Whipping up a key, tryna dodge prison
trapping in the street, in some Margiela’s
Players turn to fiends with that Godzilla” this lyric comes from real sisters and it means that he doing illegal things but has a lot of money.
Compared to other mixtapes by future DS2 by far is the best and might be the greatest mixtape of all time. Before future was a singer more than a rapper and we he switched up he got noticed more. The switch up was good because he had more things to talk about in his songs and had a lot of collaborations with various artists.

Dirty Sprite (DS2) by Future Essay Example

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