Now days people become aware of decreasing in the travel expenses of the international travelling and this has positive impact on the tourism industry,it is a trend without drawbacks.Both positive and negative impact of the increasing tourism activity will be discussed in this essay.

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Tourism industry is playing a important part in different countries in term of social economy.Firstly,a host countries will benefit in term of currency exchange rate thus has a positive impact on the locals whether directly or indirectly.Increase of the tourist arrival also will create thousands of job and business opportunity for the local peoples. Some countries now days spend quite a lot of money to promote their country as the holiday destination and become on of the main GDP income.

Due to the booming of the industry,The local government building new and better infrastructure to support the industry and it has benefited the locals most. Secondly,International travelling also is a way where different cultures meet.For example,Country like Laos their second GDP income comes from tourism industry. They are taking advantages of the Mekong river to promote as tourist holiday destination.In the past the local lived near mekong river used to be self sufficient and depends on agriculture and fishing industry as their main source of income.Now days because of the tourist arrival,They have another source of income which comes from tourism. fisherman along the mekong river convert their fishing boat as water taxis to bring tourist for river cruising.

The local live-hood has become better due to the increase of the tourist arrival. However tourism industry has negative impact on the environment,both natural and man made.Take mekong river for instance,it used to well known for fishing industry and clean water source for the surrounding areas.The river is polluted due to local government allowing hotels to build near the riverbank that causing the soil erosion and the waste is discharge into the river. In conclusion,Tourism could very important for developing countries,However the increasing of the tourism activities could damage the environment.From my point of view,the local governments should set up strict guide lines to maintain healthy tourism industry.

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