Disappearing Languages

12 December 2017

Many languages are disappearing every year. Is this is a bad thing or could have fewer languages help bring people together. Globalization and liberalizing made the world to shrink Into the size of a village. Unfortunately, this means that smaller languages are In danger of extinction.

Some people fear the loss of cultural Identity, while others believe that the world with less language Is better. In a 4-paragraph essay, explain why you feel that we should or should not preserve local languages. “Order, unity, and continuity are human inventions, just as truly as catalogues and encyclopedias. Bertrand Russell. Fewer languages provide more people the chance to speak with one another. Even though some people have the fear that they would lose their cultural identity, I disagree. I believe that fewer languages in the world would be better by providing the unity and friendship of many countries.

There is plenty to be gained from having fewer languages.

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By having the same language, people can offer and sense, unity, equality, and also encourage financial expansion. This could decrease the problem of confusion and misinterpretations, all while providing rapid travel between nations, and enhancing commerce.Through countries having the same language, this can reduce downgrading In the standards of life. Isosceles who do not speak a major world language may fall behind In science, technology, and economics. Another point In having less language would be communal thoughts. Universal collaboration would happen instantaneously, rather than taking an inordinate length of time to come together.

Although some people are afraid of the loss of culture and identity, it appears that, good ideas can survive for centuries. Today, we are not speaking Latin but, the values of their philosophers are remained with us each day.Even the languages, like Greek, that are spoken today still retain the philosophies and are improved upon. Overall, fewer languages prove to be more of a benefit than a hindrance. People can unite and come together more often with less languages. Fewer barriers are set In place with fewer languages. Technology, standards of life, and more can all be Increased by the decrease In languages.

Unity Is key to “shrinking” the world, while Increasing consciousness of the world as a whole. So by lessening the amount of languages, is the best way to obtain unity.

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