Disaster at Three Mile Island

4 April 2015
A report on how nuclear reactors work, what kinds there are and what happened at Three Mile Island.

This report investigates the effects of the nuclear reaction accident at Three Mile Island. It includes a chronology, a detailed description of the after affects, and highlights ways to prevent future disasters such as Three Mile Island. The author also examines the process that nuclear reactors use to harness nuclear energy, and describes the many types of reactors out there.
“Three Mile Island,” To many, those three words are associated with other words like “nuclear meltdown,” “radioactive release,” and “damaged environment.” Many people know very little about how a nuclear reactor works, what kinds of nuclear reactors there are, exactly what happened at Three Mile Island, and how many dangers could have been prevented. The truths behind these ideas, and facts to back them up are all apparent in this paper.”

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