Disaster Brought by Typhoons in the Philippines

6 June 2017

Nowadays, what do you usually see in the television? In front of the headlines of newspaper? The one which everyone’s talking about, Showbiz? Lifestyles? Business? No, the most top news air last year was all about disaster brought by typhoons which leaves vast destructions not only In properties but also loss of thousands of lives. Our country, the Philippines has been blessed with natural resources where other countries dont have. Time by time, Filipinos have learned to utilize these resources or human necessities and for economic development.

Some of these resources are converted to farms, subdivision and other Infrastructure, mainly our forest. If you will notice from the news, whenever a typhoon visits the Phlllpplnes. Floods were experienced were experience were experienced in the different parts of the country. Just like what happened n Mindanao last December. This place was struck by typhoon Sendong where it created devastating destruction in properties and lives.

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To unlock the mystery behind the cause of these flashfloods, the main reason Is our forest.

Why? It is because our forest here in the Philippines have been illegally logged, that’s why the tall trees that should be the one to absorb large quantity of water brought by the rainfall could no longer support the soll that result to flashfloods and landslides. As we all know, trees plays an Important role In our environment. These problems regarding our forest resources should not be step aside and be gnore by our government and the society.

Our government should have political will In setting a law against Illegal logging. And In that law stated that whoever caught breaking those rules should be punished. Let these be an eye opener for each of us and be a reminder for everyone that starting from now, we should pay attention to our forest. Preserve and maintain our forest beauty. Join the campaigns to fight against illegal logging, cause were not the only one who could benefit from It, but also the next generation.

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