Disaster & Fire Defense Planning

A study on advance planning and training for fire and emergency disaster relief.

This paper examines the planning and management of disaster and fire relief workers and their efforts. It describes the need for a large management system for orchestrating the disaster response; the system used is the incident command system (ICS) for commanding, controlling and coordinating the efforts of individual agencies as they work toward the common goal of stabilizing an emergency or disaster, while making every effort to protect life, property and the environment. The paper examines this system accomplishes these tasks effectively and economically through centralized communications and training.
“The ICS was created as a response to other non-standard terminology’s failure to expand or contract as required by the situation. By enabling various agencies to communicate with each other and expand and contract to help emergency situations, the ICS prevents chaos, individualism, injury, and further damage, while enabling agencies to collect, evaluate and disseminate information about the development of the incident and use of resources.

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