Disaster Preparedness Plan

1 January 2017

I do hereby thank all the records staff at Public Service Commission for their willingness and tireless ambition ,effort and quest in giving me support in the production of this disaster preparedness plan intended for use by this organisation. Ialso express my sincere gratitude to the Public Service Commission Adminstration Manager ,Mr Murungweni for allowing me usage of this disaster plan at this Organisation.

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I want also to mention the valuable efforts and inputs of Mrs Gongera the Records and Information Suppervisor and Mr Machinga who assisted me greatly in coming up with the final draft and the editing such that the document will be as it is now. The main objective of the emergency disaster preparedness plan is to safe guard records and facilities ,protecting the lives of all personnel in the event of an emergency and to ensure a speedy return to normal operations after a disaster.

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