Disater Management

1 January 2017

Disaster Resistant Construction Practices Introduction Disaster Resistant construction practices are as important as disaster resistant structrual designs. Infact the methodology for construction also should be designed for disaster resistance. We should have proper implemenation of the structural details so as to let the structure behave as envisiged. The quality and methodology of construction is equally important. For example we use cover blocks. If the cover blocks are not cast properly in good quality concrete then they facilitate concrete deterioration.

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Ultimately this affects durability and serviceablity of the structure. The Durability and serviceablity are the key elements of any structure. Ensuring Quality in construction will enable achieving durability and serviceablity as a desired end result. Openings too close to corners Too high and long walls Use of Cut Lintels Usually a building comprises of: 1. Walls 2. Openings 3. Foundation 4. Plinth 5. Beams/Columns 6. Roof / Slabs Deficient Bond at corners Parts of a Building Differential settlement due to soft soil.

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