Discipline Investigation

8 August 2016

The title, “Graphic design” is just as complex as it is ubiquitous to all those in arts department. With such variety of use, it can be meet the needs required both personal and public, embraces concerns both economic and ergonomic, and is informed by many disciplines, touching base into English, science, and mathematics. Graphic design surrounds us, “touching everything that we do, everything we see, everything we buy:” from the billboards to the Bibles, on paperback books and on websites, on the labels of food and on this particular discipline essay.

(Helfand) With such a broad title, in order to succeed; the high demand in clear mindset of a particular talented individual must be skilled to execute that design. After all, Graphic design is an universal art, both ancient yet new, made to visualize ideas into reality. Studies show that the increase demand for designers will impact students’ choices to their decision making of job opportunities. Only with an art degree, can students decide to work for a company or run a business by themselves.

Discipline Investigation Essay Example

Graphic design is a sub branch with its sister major, such as industrial design and animation and illustration. Different major offer their unique standpoint, as for graphic design, it is the major more suited to my personality. This major is definitely fit towards me because of many different types of reasons. The most important thing is that I love the fact that working for myself is an option. From there are the second reason is that I enjoy creating something that can withstand time.

And finally, I would hope that what I am doing for the rest of my life can provide a great living while heightening my learning experience at the same time. Graphic design is very well suited for me as it can also prepare me in the other sub major including, different parts of industrial designs to completely starting from scratch building an animation. To fully understand my major studies, I have got the opportunity to interview with Mai Kim for an interview. Her qualification allows me to gain more details and experience on the job available for graphic design major field.

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