Discrimination Against the Chinese in Indonesia

History of discrimination against the Chinese. Looking at the public policy, assimilation, politics, the role of President Suharto, the 1994 Medan riot and the future.

Discrimination Against Indonesian Chinese
In Indonesia in April, 1994, what began as a labor protest in Medan quickly escalated into riots against the businesses of ethnic Chinese Indonesians (Hicks & Mackie, 1994, p. 46). Hicks and Mackie argue that this protest and the recent surge of ethnic Chinese capital investment have raised serious questions about the future of the Chinese throughout Southeast Asia. These questions are not new ones, however; they have been asked ever since the Chinese first began immigrating to Indonesia in the seventeenth century.
The questions raised by the recent events in Indonesia revolve around the level of assimilation and integration of the ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia. Generally, two responses are..

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