Discrimination of the Disabled

4 April 2015
A discussion on the inadequacies of the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ (ADA) in 1990, a landmark legislation.

The following paper examines how people with disabilities in America are not being provided with enough special facilities to prevent any kind of discrimination as a result of their handicap. The writer makes reference to examples in education and employment, where discrimination for disabled people still exists.
“It is important to mention here that discrimination exists in almost every field and while it is more prevalent in some areas than others, nonetheless the fact remains that most institutions and fields are plagued by cases of discrimination. The most disturbing thing about ADA is not the loophole that exists in its implementation but the public reaction to the cost of providing facilities to disabled people. It is quite unsettling to see that majority of Americans view ADA and such other legislation as a burden on the taxpayers’ money. Honestly speaking, whether we admit it or not, the truth is that public’s negative reaction to these laws is posing the greatest hurdle in its effective implementation.”
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