Discuss How Far Sociologists Would Agree

1 January 2017

The labelling theory has an impact in this discussion. Labelling someone and the person which then makes the victim take in what they are labelled as. For example, Asians are labelled as ‘smart and brilliant at math’s’ – if an Asian is not up to that name, they would feel like an outcast which makes me and others think that the labelling theory is a false and negative accusation. Even the opposite! The Asian child could think ‘well I’ve got this; I’m Asian so therefore I am smart! ’ Teachers will judges pupils and say they are trouble makers, stupid, smart etc.Males are dominant and smart, hard workers? Females are proven to get the best exam results? All these stereotypes also go under ‘school factors that are responsible for educational under achievement’ Especially for a black male or female.

Stereotypes ideas that the males are most likely gang members, rude behaved and teen fathers (young parents) and will probably drop out of school or college. Young black females known for rude behaviour, teen mothers and are most likely to also drop out of education.These stereotypes can give confidence and make the students want to prove the stereotype and racist ideas wrong! This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When a teacher puts pupils which are for example good at maths in the top set and in other lessons they will be in the top set. This way isn’t really good because the pupils may be bad in some subject but good in one particular needed subjected but yet still stay in the top or low set they are placed in.Streaming means- separating the pupils into different categories/groups/sets/classes Setting means- putting the pupils with the exact abilities together for certain lessons. On the other hand of setting and streaming, it tends to put down and categorise pupils which are in lower sets as failures and the people who are in high sets as ‘achievers, most high’ There are self-fulfilling prophecies, the pupils think to themselves that they are bright, high achievers, great and that they will get an ‘A’ in a particular subject or exam – this is a self-prophecy that they will fulfil.

Discuss How Far Sociologists Would Agree Essay Example

This is really good because it grows your self-esteem especially if teachers prophecies positive things for the pupils. This will help the pupils achieve high from all the praise and the beliefs that they have in themselves. People are treated differently because of their appearance. Some people cannot afford the cost of uniform, sports kits and other materials needed for school which may mean they have to get sent home- this is a stigma. In Time or in general, students naturally have the hatred for school.They’ll avoid lessons, teachers and even school if they could; some even succeed avoiding school, lessons and teachers- these students are known as ‘anti-school’ Pupils who are ‘anti school’ gain a name by the other pupils and teachers as ‘bad/cool’ and so on, this can raise their self-esteem but unfortuetly makes them unaware that they need school and education to get a good job and make money the positive and legal way. Their behaviour will affect their streams- they will be put in the bottom set classes due to their negative behaviour towards teachers and the school rules.

They will be labelled as failures by teachers which then become a prophecy and self-fulfilling prophecy. Peer Group is very important in this discussion because nowadays, what your friends and other youths label you as means a lot. Teachers may call a student ‘smart’ ‘success’ but outside of school their peer group wouldn’t find them attractive, so they would be labelled as a ‘geek’ ‘nerd’ and so on.. But the anti-school children will be labelled positively. On the other hand no they are not responsible.The teachers will put the pupils in groups/sets due to their behaviour and how good they are in certain subjects Some teachers may put a pupil whom is very good at maths down a set, this is to help the pupil succeed higher and get a higher grade because if the pupil is put in the right set they may think that they are safe and don’t need to work harder.

Events and pressure out of school factors are responsible for educational underachievers- pupils who copy what they see, for example- they see someone who is financially stabled and has class but yet they didn’t go school, this then inspires the pupil into doing the same.They may also see people who sell drugs and make a living from that which then leads them into jail and making illegal money! Family pressuring young kids a swell can lead into under achievement- by the family wanting and needing their child to succeed and get perfect grades can make the child nervous and scared which unfortunately may lead them to go to the wrong way and not live up to the label that the family has made. People are treated differently because of their appearance. Some people cannot afford the cost of uniform, sports kits and other materials needed for school which may mean they have to get sent home- this is also a stigma.Unfortunately certain groups have less money than others and so, are not able to make the most of their educational opportunities, unable to finish their homework or even do it, unable to have full access to educational sites- PC’s, books ; and unable to go to educational trips and raise money. Students in lower class and working class will find it incredibly difficult to achieve the same grades as students in high class; the working class and lower class students may feel under-valued. There are quite a lot of innate people out there! Some are just naturally unable to understand the simplest things, some cannot read nor spell.

There are also positive and useful innate explanations! Automatically smart, capable to see a page and in less than a minute they are able to tell you what exactly was on the paper, eidetic memory also known as the photogenic memory. In some problems, their sex life takes an impact in their lower achievements in school, especially for the males- always thinking about one girl to another- who their ‘sexing’ tonight and how good their ‘sex’ is. This may be nature or disabilities, but either way – this has a very big impact why I personally think out school factors are responsible for educational underachievement.

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