Disney Case Study Ii Decision Making

Corporation In this case study of Disney Corporation the main problem is the lack of key management structure and the work is done based on their individual benefits not in the view of the organisation benefits. Due to this, Disney has faced many problems. Disney is the well established company and very famous for the cartoon Mickey Mouse from 1928. It is started with a rented small studio to produce animated film and then expanded into a huge theme parks and resorts in different regions.

Strengths | Weakness| Opportunities | Threats| Brand| Internal Politics| Updating according to global needs | Consistency in brand value| Creative Ideas| Huge Investment | More global Expansion | High Demand| Global value| Lack of updating to globalization | More creative idea| Lack of creative employees | Entertainment based | No proper Communication| High demand of products. | | 1 ans) As the Disney is the one of the branded company providing entertainment.

The Organisation structure should be very flat and different department should be handed by their respective managers. As Eisner had made his own team of personal associates most of the investors are not happy. Then Board has been enlarged by thirteen members. The appointment of new chairman Mitchell seems like it is done internally. There is no stable power taker in the organisation accepted by all the members and investors. Lot of internal politics effected the investor’s beliefs. This was the corporate governance problems at Disney. ans)

By all the issues in the organisation the board has been spited and company investors made to follow the ethics by splitting the role of CEO and Chairman. The internal issues between Eisner and Roy Disney on ownership issues made some effects on shares but investors are more directed towards the price of shares. The short term plan will not provide solution to this problem since it is legal issue about the ownership of Disney. The problem of profits or share value has been increased to almost pervious price after seeing the losses. The main problem with shares has been solved but ownerships issues still remain.

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