Disney: Losing Magic in the Middle Kingdom Essay Sample

10 October 2017

First of all. I strongly believed the major mistake committed by the park was the deficiency of old researching about Hong Kong cultural life. before opening the park. At the beggary. directors insisted on keeping Disney World’s traditions. Soon after its first gap. Hong Kong Disneyland had to fight with ailments about: factors such as the park’s little size. inconvenient location. deficiency of alone characteristics. deficient entreaty to grownups and losing Chinese elements. It was of import to cognize beforehand some facet of Chinese normal life. Such as the tremendous attending parents focused on their kids instruction and that school childs were busy about twelvemonth unit of ammunition. This is the ground why switching the focal point from amusement to “edutaiment” resulted a immense plus to the viing Ocean Park. Another of import facet to see was the fact that Hong Kong’s people were ill-famed for their restlessness.

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they frequently look for amusement options that were convenient. comfy. fast and cheap. Because of this they were loath to run alonging up for everything. kicking it was excessively crowded. Second. the population was non familiar with the Disney civilization.

As they had a strong cultural individuality of its ain. the general population was receptive to foreign and new things. An besides there were non many attractive forces to late adolescents and grownups. Despite of the feng shui maestro audience in order to accomplish a harmonious environment. Hong Kong Disneyland had to confront with several environmental issues. In my sentiment this ailments were due to the fact this was a foreign company puting in a wholly different civilization. This is why every individual facet should be carried on with more attending than usual. As for case. nutrient conditions and employees every bit good. Another characteristic Hong Kong Disneyland failed on was selling tickets in advanced and so holding to face with the grouching crowd waiting to come in the park. From above mentioned grounds. I consider that Disney should hold made more research before opening Hong Kong Disneyland. However. one time jobs had developed. they should instantly recognize that the lone manner to get by with the state of affairs was non to make concern the American manner. but the local one.

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