Disseminating Evidence

1 January 2017

The term dissemination means a set of organized actions designed to promote and empower incorporation and application of validated strategies (Maibach et al. , 2006). Dissemination is the process of making the outcomes and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience (EAHC, n. d. ). The dissemination of the results is important in maintaining the practice and the outcome for appropriate DC practices in NICU.

The results of the project outcome will be disseminated to the key stake holders. The purpose of disseminating the results of project to key stakeholders is to inform project development, to receive feedback and to assure that the practice and the outcome will be maintained after the implementation of the project. The stake holders for this project are, the CEO of the hospital, Director of Nursing for Maternal and Child Health, Director of Pediatrics, Nurse Educators, NICU Nurse Manager, NICU staff, Director of research department, Director of physical therapy and EBP committee.

Disseminating Evidence Essay Example

The project and its results will be presented through news bulletins, e-mails as well as staff meetings. Arranging conferences or workshops, on the project can ensure that the project has a high profile, that the participants learn from its achievements, and that the outputs are embedded and taken up (EAHC, n. d. ). Conferences or workshops also offer the advantage that communication can go in both directions: members of the NICU community can be invited to contribute ideas and brainstorm about ways to make use of the project results (EAHC, n. d. ).

Inviting other NIUs in the community to participate in the arranged conference will allow disseminating significance of project outcomes to greater nursing community. Conclusion Dissemination is necessary for uplift, and uplift is critical for the victory of the project and for the persistence of the outcome for an extended period (EAHC, n. d. ). The reports can be delivered to the stakeholders and to a broader community by different methods.

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