1 January 2017

Diversity is being composed with different elements, and people with different backgrounds and cultures (Merriam-Webster, 2012). Having members from different backgrounds make the company special in many ways and create success. When hiring employees, Qualcomm values and respects the diversity and ensures all people are considered for employment.

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They are committed to provide the necessary tools that are needed for employees to become efficient at their job. Planning, Leading Organizing and Controlling Qualcomm Inc. can run smoother and reach goals within the company, and allow it to handle the strategic, tactical and operational decisions for the organization. Qualcomm’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) is a program that offers employees’ professional development and organizes activities of diverse backgrounds (Qualcomm, 2012). The ERG program also helps with recruiting efforts as well.

There are a few groups have been formed and are open to all who are interested. The groups are African Diaspora ,Disability Community ,GLBT Community (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) Hispanic/Latino, Veterans and Former Military, and QWISE (Qualcomm Women in Science and Engineering) (Qualcomm, 2012). Qualcomm was award Secretary of Labor Opportunity, which was one of the highest awards in the Department of Labor. The honor was based on commitment of equal opportunity, addressing the present and future employment issues, and also for corporate social responsibility efforts.

It recognizes the small, minority, and disadvantaged businesses, veteran, disabled ownership, and businesses within a Hub Zone (Qualcomm, 2012). Relationships with these companies have allowed Qualcomm to remain loyal and lead to subcontracting opportunities. It remains committed to participation and equal opportunities for socioeconomic for small and diverse businesses for future contracts.

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