As we look back at the history of women and follow them thru time we see a lot of good. Before coming to America women were thought of just has house wife’s, child bearers and even servants. The idea of a lot of women migrating to America was the thought of a new life and change of thought when it came to how society looked at women. The problem was that the women got caught up in the same old views. Their place in society was to tend the household, teachers, nurses and even saloon girls. Over the years women have gain a lot of power and respect, but it was a long road and not an easy one.

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Women had to show and prove that they are just as smart as men. They pushed for the same rights and opportunities as men. This movement to gain their rights and opportunities was called the “Women’s Right Movement”. Women’s rights movements are primarily concerned with making the political, social, and economic status of women equal to that of men and with establishing legislative safeguards against discrimination on the basis of sex (2013).

Women in America today have so many rights and are treated equal. Women today have the right to get a higher education if they want; they are in high ranking positions within our government and military. Women today are not looked at as just a house wife, in today’s trend we are seeing more and more men staying home to run the household. Women today also do not just have jobs in a so called “women’s job”, for example if a women wants to be a welder, or a mechanic she can be.

Those are two jobs that when people picture that worker it is usually a man but not anymore. Even though women have made a lot of changes the biggest thing that they are fighting for now is equal pay. A lot of the jobs tend to pay women less money than men. Female business majors, for example, earned a little over $38,000,while men earned more than $45,000 (Ellis, 2012).You see a lot of concepts or constructions of masculinity and femininity in media but not so much in society. The media has a lot for commercials that can be focused on gender related products.

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Even though the product is mad fora man you will not see a woman as the character in the advertising and the same for women. Now society on the other hand has evolved so that there are not gender specific roles, as a large amount of women have what was once a man’s job such as an engineer or a firefighter. When we refer to what society has deemed gender specific that is hard as the lines are somewhat blurred because gender does not play as much of a role in society as it once did.

The history of the GLBT in America has never been better as it is today. When we look back at the way GLBT was looked at it was just as bad as African Americans was looked at. Just like African Americans the GLBT community was subject to discrimination and prejudice. They had to hide who they truly were. In the old days if you came out and said you were gay or a lesbian they thought you had a disease. Without technology they did not know what to do they did not know that it was not a disease but someone’s right of choice. It wasn’t until 1973 until “The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders (Pearson Education, 2013).

Today in America the GLBT community is making a lot of progress when it comes to their rights. Just like women they have had to fight for everything they want. People today tend to look past the fact that you are gay or a lesbian. Their still are some prejudice people and they still get discriminated against but it is getting better. The gay and lesbian movement is doing a great job showing people that they this is not a fade they are here to stay. By doing this they are fighting to be equal. Some of the social issues relevant to the GLBT community are health care, housing, economic support and education.

Concerning political issues two that are standouts in this very election and those are women’s right and same sex marriage. The social issues for the GLBT community are mainly based on poverty, housing, healthcare and same sex marriage. The biggest thing that society has heard is should same sex marriage be legal? Just last year and this year we are starting to see states approve same sex marriages but it is only good in that state.

As we looked back on the history of women rights and the GLBT community rights we see a lot of major changes. Over the last 10 years we have seen more changes then we have the hundred years before that so the future looks good, as long as we continue to push for equal rights and respect. No one knows what the next 10 years will bring but I bet it is good.

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