Diversity Today: Retaining the Best Corporate Talent

4 April 2015
A look at the increase of minority group women in corporate America, and the discrimination they still face.

The face of the American corporation has changed forever. There are more women and minorities in leadership roles in large corporations and small businesses than ever before, and the trend cannot but continue. This paper examines the serious and deleterious discrimination that minorities and women still face in corporate environments and how these problems are defined by a certain schizophrenic attitude towards their roles. On one hand, companies are pushing to hire more minorities and women in management positions to fit their corporate cultures into a more diversified image, and on the other hand, minorities and women continue to face glass ceilings on advancement, hiring and compensation.
“The first step in attracting quality minorities and women into a company’s management tiers is a quality recruiting program. The program’s focus should be not just on affirmative action quota numbers but on the quality and the enthusiasm and involvement of the managers sought.

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Julie Bennett paints the picture of the choices a quality minority management candidate has:

“When David Matthews, 37, decided not to follow his employer to another part of the country, he became a highly marketable job candidate. He’s an Ivy League-educated African-American with solid experience in a Fortune 500 company. By late last year he was weighing three job offers. Unlike mainstream executives who compare offers on the basis of salary and work environment, Mr. Matthews had another factor to consider: which of the three companies had the most serious commitment to diversity.”

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