Divide by Ed Sheeran

8 August 2019

Sheerios (Ed Sheeran fans), the time you’ve been waiting for since December of 2015 is here! After a two year hiatus, Ed Sheeran finally returns to the music industry with the recent release of his third studio album, Divide.
Sheeran started off the new year by releasing two singles from his album Divide, called Castle on the Hill and Shape of You. Of course fans were exhilarated to hear of Sheeran’s return as they have not heard new music from him in over three years.Once fans heard the two new songs, they were of course surprised at the change in tune and sound Sheeran has taken on, as they are used to hearing sad, sentimental songs, alongside some funky songs with a deeper meaning.
Having some of the most loyal fans in the world, Sheeran had Shape of You reach number one on the Billboard 100 within the first day of release, with Castle on the Hill not too far behind.
As expected, when his album, Divide, was released on the third of March, fans went buckwild. Caught by complete surprised, Ed Sheeran introduced complete different melodies and tunes, heard in the songs Barcelona and Bibia Be Ye Ye. With a strain sounding almost tropical, we can now see that Sheeran spent his hiatus in a good place. In addition to writing a song based completely around a great city in Spain, we also hear the Spanish guitar in his song Eraser.
Although we of course love Ed’s change in style, we also hear the sad, emotional songs, Ed is known for.Whether fans are sad or not, they always love to hear songs likePerfect, Happier, and Hearts Don’t Break Around Here because they always mention that “Ed Sheeran always breaks my heart” or “Ed Sheeran is the only boy that can make me hate him and love him at the same time.”
In addition to his usual heart-wrenching songs, Sheeran always makes sure to include the extremely quick rap verses presenting in the songs Galway Girl and New Man.
Ed Sheeran’s choice for the compilation of his album is a great one. Although his past two albums are equally incredible, it is safe to say that Divide may be Sheeran’s best album yet.

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