Divide by Ed Sheeran

My opinion? I think this album is great. But I also believe that it truly depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a mostly upbeat, sentimental pop album; here you go. Featuring heartbreak songs, happy songs, and many, many more varieties.

Multiple of the songs are low tune, showing some sadness of Ed’s life, written from truth or imagination; you can really feel the pain, the sorrow, and the happiness in the songs.

The album shows a full amount of 16 songs, making it 46 minutes and 14 seconds long on full play. I enjoy the length, but I think he could’ve used 8 songs, and made two albums out of Divide.

The song that stands out the most in Divide is the song ‘Dive’. Ed has told articles “All my love songs are about my fiance Cherry Seaborn, that he’d been dating for 4 years.Dive features Ed’s seemingly early stages of his love with Cherry, and maybe some trust issues. in the song he states:

“So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you”

Ed Sheeran remains on the top 10 artists, and he totally deserves it. He has worked since the young age of 14 to be where he is currently, making his artist industry continuing on to be 13 years long… That right there is what I call hard work and dedication. In many eyes of his worldwide fans he can do no wrong, and that so might be.
Ed’s album remains on the top 5 of my favorite albums. He has a way to make his songs, and voice soothing to listen to. His songs will make you sad, and his songs will also make you happy. His songs show the true feelings and meaning behind them, just listen closer to the lyrics. It’s amazing. I definitely recommend this album! Add it to your playlist, because you’re in for a lovely ride!

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