Divorce and Relevant Research Methodologies

4 April 2015
An analysis of divorce rates, other divorce related issues, and the required research methodologies to arrive at correct figures.

This paper discusses the issue of divorce and examines the research methodologies used in order to provide accurate divorce rates. The author also discusses about related social and cultural matters.
“While the decision to divorce one’s marital partner seems as if it were an entirely personal one. But (as Emile Durkheim has shown us so conclusively as regards suicide) personal decisions are also social and cultural ones. Divorce rates have risen and fallen (but mostly risen) since the 18th century colonial era in America. Any investigation of such changes in the rate of divorce must be fundamentally grounded in the methods of historical research as well as social science research. How best to understand the reasons that divorce rates have fluctuated since the 18th century requires a close reading of a variety of historical and cultural texts that taken together will ground the personal reasons that obtain in each specific case of divorce with the larger social and cultural context of marriage and divorce. ”
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