Dixie Chicks – Fly

8 August 2019

Dixie Chicks again show their amazing talent on”Fly,” a delightful mix of country and zip that you’ll find hard toquit listening to. This is one CD that you can listen to from start to finish andlove every single minute. No matter what mood you’re in, you’ll find it hard toresist smiling while listening.

Like me, you may think you’re not fond ofcountry. But, after you hear just the first song, you’ll be tappin’ your toes. Itdemonstrates that country can be a fun experience and not just a boring mansinging about love in a cowboy hat.

From track one, “Ready ToRun,” to track thirteen, “Let Him Fly,” there are songs foranyone. No one will be able to resist the Chicks’ carefree and sassy pep. You canrun, dance, sing or study to this delightful array of tracks.

The DixieChicks – Natalie, Emily and Marty – have been around for a couple of years, andthis is their second album. They are a group of women getting to do what they’vealways dreamed of. “Fly” is a perfect example of the fun country soulsthese women possess.

Compared to any other country CD I have heard, thissassy mix of tunes is by far the best. Hats off to the Dixie Chicks. This CDrocks!

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