Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Essay

9 September 2017

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In Lawrence Ferlinghetti? s verse form, “ Dog ” , the Canis familiaris symbolizes an ordinary adult male traveling on about his life. In the first subdivision Lawrence establishes what the things are that the Canis familiaris sees in comparing to himself. The following subdivision trades with how the Canis familiaris thinks and feels. Finally, the last subdivision reveals what the Canis familiaris does.

Mr. Ferlinghetti shows us how a normal adult males life is similar to a Canis familiariss by uncovering what the Canis familiaris sees. He tells us, “ the things he sees / are bigger than himself / and the things he sees / are his world ” , ( Lines 3-6 ) and, “ the things he sees / are smaller than himself. “ ( Lines 10-11 ) In these lines Lawrence uses the repeat of “ the things he sees ” to stress to us that adult male faces major challenges and minor challenges that are all a portion of our lives. Lawrence besides repeats “ The Canis familiaris jogs freely in the street ” in this subdivision and throughout the verse form to state us that we are free and can command our ain fate? s. We are shown, in this subdivision, how exciting life is through the usage of colorful imagination and explosive initial rhyme. Some illustrations are “ Drunks in room accesss ” ( Line7 ) and “ Chickens in Chinatown Windowss ” . ( Line 14 )

This subdivision contrasts worlds with Canis familiariss in the ways in which they think and feel. “ He doesn? t hatred bulls / he simply has no usage for them / and he goes past them ” . ( Lines 23 -25 ) This tells us that if we have no usage for something we look at it with indifference ignore it and travel on with our lives. “ He would instead eat a stamp cow / than a tough police officer ” ( Lines28-29 ) explains to us that we like to take the easy manner out of things by covering with the simple jobs and turning our dorsums on the hard jobs. We see that a adult male by himself is scared of a group of work forces but non of one adult male in the lines “ He? s afraid of Coit & # 8217 ; s Tower / but he? s non afraid of Congressman Doyle ” . ( Lines 34-35 ) In this subdivision it besides tells us how the authorities and political relations are really discouraging, depres

sing and absurd to sad immature serious work forces. “ But he has his ain free universe to populate in / His ain flees to eat / He will non be muzzled ” ( Lines 41-43 ) . This informs us that every adult male has his ain life and things to make and he will non allow other people get in his manner. This is all accomplished through more initial rhyme like “ cats and cigars ” ( Line21 ) and “ Romeo Ravioli ” . ( Line 31 ) Some colourful imagination like “ Congressman Doyle is merely another / fire water faucet / to him ” is besides used.

The concluding subdivision relates the manner a Canis familiaris dashes around to a human? s composite active life. Lawrence uses initial rhyme and rime to demo us the hum and wonder in our lives in the lines “ touching and savoring everything / look intoing everything ” . ( Lines 51-52 ) We are told that adult male sees things as they are and they have existent narratives to state that are backed up with experience. ( Lines 54-56 ) The signifier of lines fifty-seven through eight-four is really interesting. These lines are all over the topographic point, which serves to expose how we are similar Canis familiariss, running here and at that place. It shows us how life keeps us traveling and we ne’er stop. “ And looking / like a living inquiry grade / into the / great gramaphone / of perplexing being ” . ( Lines 75-79 ) In these lines we are told that adult male is ever inquiring inquiries and seeking to calculate out the enigma of life. But, as the last lines tell us, life? s enigma is ne’er solved, but it ever seems like it? s merely about to be released. ( Lines 80-85 ) These points are all made more clear through the usage of initial rhyme like “ hollow horn ” ( Line80 ) and the repeat of the word existent in lines 54 through 57.

In this verse form Lawrence Ferlinghetti explores a normal adult males life by doing the Canis familiaris symbolize him. Ferlinghetti uses initial rhyme and repeat to assist make the consequence of what the Canis familiaris does and how he feels and thinks. He besides uses colourful imagination to research what the symbolic Canis familiaris sees. These composing devices that Lawrence used made “ Dog ” interesting and easy to understand.

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