Do Computers Think Essay Research Paper Can

Do Computers Think? Essay, Research Paper

Can or will computing machines of all time think? Well this has been a topic of much argument between even the greatest heads, and yet there is still no reply. First of all I have would wish you to reply a inquiry. What is 4 & # 215 ; 13? Did you have to believe to reply that? Yes? Well does that intend that a computing machine can believe because it can reply that inquiry. Well that is what we are traveling to put to reply and I think yes, depending on your definition of thought.

First off allow? s acquire something directly. When I refer to computing machines in this essay I am non mentioning merely to the microprocessor sitting on your desk but to microprocessors that control automatons of assorted construction.

Well as I said we foremost must specify? to believe? . What does that intend? Webster? s New Compact Dictionary defines? believe? as “ 1. Have a head. 2. Believe. 3. Use the mind. ” . It defines head as? to believe? . So does this mean that if you can believe does this mean you have a head? My sentiment is that, harmonizing to this definition, computing machines can believe. A computing machine can give you an reply to the inquiry? What is 4 & # 215 ; 13? ? , so it can believe. What? s that? You say it? s merely programmed to make that, if no 1 programmed it wouldn? T be able to make that. Well how did you cognize how to reply the inquiry? Your instructor or parent? s or person taught it to you. So you were programmed, same as the computing machine was.

So you think that programing is different than larning. You might believe the same as my grandmother that programing is something where things are merely drilled into you like people who are members of cults. Well when your instructor stood over you desk in simple and make drilled you on the generation tabular arraies was that non programming? Would you cognize that 1 & # 215 ; 5 does non equal 10 if everyone you of all time met said that it did. Another statement my grandmother used was my small cousin and how when he runs into a wall he learns that it hurts so he doesn? Ts do it once more. ( Well really he does it because he has a difficult caput ) . Yet a professor in Calgary physiques automatons that do non even incorporate a microprocessor yet it can larn. He builds them out of trim portion from broken electronics such as Walkman? s. They have multiple legs and when one leg acquire? s

stuck, say on a piece of tape, the strain on the motor causes the motor to alter the writhing gesture of the leg and this feedback system continues until it gets free, but the 2nd clip it takes less clip to acquire free because some how it knows, what to make to acquire free. So it has learned and hence must be able to believe harmonizing to that definition of think.

My female parent says that what makes it that computing machines can? t think is they can non manage state of affairss they have non been programmed to manage. Well there are now automatons that can voyage through a room where they have non been programmed to manage but they can voyage through it without knocking into anything. They can? t do it with the efficiency of a human but they can make it. So one time once more they can believe harmonizing to a definition of? to believe? .

My pa felt that a computing machine would non be able to believe because if you put it in a room and ne’er used it, it wouldn? T be able to believe. Well would you be able to believe if you could non hear, touch, see, smell, or gustatory sensation anything and as such could have no information. What would you have to believe about.

Another twosome of definition brought up in a conversation was that in order to last something must be able to believe and that the ability to come up with original thoughts was cogent evidence that something can believe. The Calgary professor mentioned earlier besides took these automatons ( without microprocessors ) and gave them solar panels so they could acquire their ain energy. He besides gave some a device that allowed it to disenable other automatons. These automatons would roll around a room and they would contend over the sunniest musca volitanss in the room because it was the topographic point they stood the best opportunity of endurance. If these automatons disabled another 1 they used it? s? remains? along with others to organize a barrier around this cheery topographic point so it would be protected. Well if this behavior is non cogent evidence of the fact that computing machines can last and come up with original thought? s I don? T know what is.

So as you can see by all the definitions I have been able to come up with a computing machine can believe. The most strong expostulation I found was that we are populating and that is what makes us believe is merely an expostulation to the fact that something may possibly some twenty-four hours become smarter than us.

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