Do I Make You Proud?

2 February 2017

Do I make you proud? We all wanted to make our parents proud of us. All parents wanted their child to finish their studies and be a professional but not all are lucky to pursue it because of financial incapability. Now, I just wanted to share this famous line of a song entitled “Do I make you proud? ”. I’m never been the one to raise my hand, that was not me and now that’s who I am because of you I am standing tall. My heart is full of endless gratitude. You were the one, the one to guide me through.

Now I can see and I believe it’s only just beginning.This is what we ever dream about but the only question with me now is do I make you proud? The first person I interviewed was a 19yrs old, 4th year student, Ms. Janeza G. Doblon, she says that the best things she acquired or gained in this university are the techniques, theories and principles in handling students with special needs particularly the knowledge in sign language in braille writing and in lesson plan making. That will be very useful in her chosen field or career which is Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in SPED.The second person was a 20yrs old, 4th yr, Ms. Estella Joy A.

Do I Make You Proud? Essay Example

Buenaventura, she says what she acquired in this university is the knowledge about being “ maging matatag sa dakol na gibohon” and a home that will comfort her. The third was Ms. Rodell Versoza also a 4th yr student and like Ms. Buenaventura, she is also taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino, she says what she acquired in this university was the positive attitude in life and knowledge of course in terms of her major subject and friends that will help her.Those persons I interviewed mostly says they acquired knowledge which is very important in every person because this knowledge or education is the most precious wealth that you can have for the rest of your life. Just like when I was a young my parents always told me to study well because that’s the only thing they can leave to me. And that is why we should give importance to our study and improve ourselves to make our parents proud of us.

Ellen S. Crescini SRA 9-25-12

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