Do Leaders Cause Wars?

4 April 2015
This paper examines the political climate vs. major actors in wars.

This paper argues that it is the political climate of the area and time period that causes wars and acts to happen, not the leaders.
“The original theory, that fanatical leaders cause wars, does have its points. If Gandhi had been ruling Germany after WWI instead of Hitler, would we have had WWII? If FDR hadn’t died, would the Cold War have happened? Who knows? The group feeling of the people would still have been there. The masses have the power to generate action, not solely the leaders. Germany was stripped of everything through the Versailles treaty, and Hitler just gave the people a reason to live again?. a reason to be proud of themselves as a people. The Cold War may still have happened no matter who was president, just due to the Red Scare. The communist paranoia of the US political climate prompted movies that I saw as a little girl such as The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming! ”
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