Do males and females have different abilities when estimating size?

8 August 2016

The measurements were taken from a group of 20 males and females with similar ages. My hypothesis was that women’s ability of estimating objects is better than men, and the result of the experiment confirmed my hypothesis, although not all women estimated better than men. I will keep the same attitude to avoid visual error. It will help improving my investigation and get the better information.

In the end, I will make a conclusion of my experiment. Introduction: This experiment is about whether males and females have different abilities when estimating size. My hypothesis is that females can estimate better than males. In order to prove this hypothesis, we let different pairs of boys and girls to estimate several objects. Research Methodology: We let 10 pairs of students to reckon 6 objects. The 6 objects are 10 centimeters cup, 13 centimeters cell phone, 29. 5 centimeters book, a 182 centimeters male student, a 163 centimeters female students and a 78 centimeters table.

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Ten pairs of students were standing 1 meter away from the objects, estimated the sizes and yelled the data while we recording them. The control factors are the sizes of 6 objects and variable factors are estimations of students. Research Results: I figure out the average data of each objects’ estimations. For the 10 centimeters cup, the average data of male is 12. 6 centimeters and 13. 9 centimeters for female. For the 13 centimeters cell phone, the average data of male is 13. 4 centimeters and 14. 4 centimeters for female.

The average data of male is 162. 1 centimeters and 163. 6 centimeters for female for the 163 centimeters person. For the 78 centimeters table, the average data of male is 73. 3 centimeters and 76. 7 centimeters for female. As the data shows, the average data of female is much closer to the actual size, so female can estimate better than male.

Also, the average data of female is always bigger than male’s. The trend is obvious. Discussion: From the graphs we can see that female’s estimate is much different with each other. My hypothesis is that female can estimate better than male, and the experiment completely supports my idea. I keep the distance of 1 meter from objects and students. After recording the data they yelled out, I figured out average data of each experiment, and then I compared the average data of female and male to the actual size of objects.

I found out that most of the average data of female is closer to the actual size than male. In this way, my hypothesis is proved. I asked 20 students who have similar age. I also keep the number males and females same to keep the data have less error. From my report, we can see when the distance is 1 meter, female can estimate more exactly than male when they see the things far away from them. Also, this experiment of my science report still has some aspects to improve. For example, I can try different distance, color or shape. Maybe they will influence the result.

In my opinion, my survey is enough to get the correct answer. The result tells us female can estimate better than male, this is called the different abilities between male and female. In fact, the investigation can’t explain the real thing. Although the result is same to my survey, I think if we want to get real answer, we need more information and comparison, maybe 3 to 5 experiments. It is impossible to avoid error, but the answer will be true after several investigations. My aim is to show the different abilities between male and female. The result may influence our knowledge.

Most of people think that male can estimate better because they are good at solid geometry and spatial imagination ability. From my investigation, the thought is wrong. In general, my investigation can easily show people the reason, process and result. Conclusion and Recommendations: In conclusion, female can do the estimate better than male. This is inherent ability. Also, when we are doing investigation, we should do this many times, or we will get inaccurate result. Try all factors that may influence the result. In the end, we will get right answer.

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