Do Men And Women Speak The Same

9 September 2017

Langueges? Essay, Research Paper

Make Men and Women Speak Different Languages?

Robert Bly and Deborah Tannen say there is a big difference in the manner work forces and adult females communicate. In the article, & # 8220 ; Where are Men and Women Today? & # 8221 ; Bly and Tannen describe adult females as rapport-talkers. Rapport-talk is utilizing linguistic communication as a manner of set uping connexions and relationships with others. They continue by saying that work forces use report-talk to pass on. It means that they attempt to continue independency and maintain position in their communicating.

Classifying work forces and adult females in these two classs helps to explicate their behaviour in speaking with others. Since adult females are seeking to set up relationships, they tend to talk more in private. They isolate themselves and the individual they are speaking with in hopes of set uping a resonance with them. Work force are considered merely the antonym.

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Because of their demand for independency and acknowledgment, they speak more publically. Therefore, work forces and adult females can be farther classified into two groups, private ( adult females ) and public ( work forces ) talkers.

The subjects that each sex discusses are besides of import. Womans are said to speak about emotions or other countries that are considered private to most people. They tend to discourse relationships, love, and other sentimental issues. Work force, nevertheless, are said to speak about broader topics. They discuss such subjects as athleticss, the intelligence, and other current events. By categorising work forces and adult females like this, it makes it easier to understand how they communicate in our society.

Learning how work forces and adult females communicate helps us to develop an apprehension of their function in society. With adult females, it would look that they do non look to work good in mass society. They are sometimes unable to associate their thoughts or ideas to a big figure of people. Womans tend to speak one-on-one with people. This is good for the single being addressed because inquiries can be asked and the hearer can construe what type of adult female the individual truly is. However, it can be bad because merely a few people get to really cognize the individual. An illustration would be a adult female is judged by a mass figure of people as a promiscuous individual. Her close

friends or people she has related to might judge otherwise because of their inside cognition of this individual.

Work forces have similar jobs except in a personal context. Society says that work forces have to be strong and demo no emotion. This is why they have problem speaking with adult females in private about confidant issues. Plus, non speaking about these issues lead to a physique up in emotions, which lead to mid-life crisis, withdraw from interaction with people, and perchance suicide. Women seem to endure less of these jobs because of their capableness to face or speak about such issues.

Before reading the article, & # 8220 ; Where are Men and Women Today? & # 8221 ; I would hold fallen into the class of work forces who thought that a adult female & # 8217 ; s sentiment meant really small. Since reading this article, I have realized that I wasn & # 8217 ; t utilizing critical thought. I ne’er realized how small adult females did speak in public but could state many times when I thought they talked excessively much. Over the last hebdomad, I have been believing about how much I relate to this article. I made it a point to be around groups of people with both sexes and times when I was entirely with person else. I noticed how right the author seemed to be and how I rather perchance speak more than most adult females.

However, I did differ with Bly and Tannen approximately is how work forces are sometimes unable to associate on a personal footing. I have no job turn toing intimate issues with people, either male or female. One could besides state though that I might be an exclusion to the general populace, yet the males I talk to in private seemed to open up besides. Overall, I thought this was a good article and it was able to open my head as to how work forces and adult females communicate in society.

Bly, Robert, and Deborah Tannen. & # 8220 ; Where are Men and Women Today? & # 8221 ; New Age Journal January/February ( 1992 ) :148-55.


I referenced an outside article called & # 8220 ; Social Interaction in Everyday Life: You Just Don & # 8217 ; t Understand: Womans and Men in Conversation & # 8221 ; to acquire a better apprehension of the communicating between adult females and work forces.


Bly, Robert, and Deborah Tannen. & # 8220 ; Where are Men and Women Today? & # 8221 ; New Age Journal January/February ( 1992 ) :148-55.

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