Do Not Open This Email Essay Research

9 September 2017

Do Not Open This Email Essay, Research Paper

Do Not Open This Email Essay Research Essay Example

Do Not Open This Electronic mail

& # 8220 ; Warning: New virus & # 8212 ; Do non cancel! & # 8221 ; is likely the most common phrase in the capable line of electronic mail today. If non those words precisely, so something similar warning people of the most recent viruses go arounding through the Internet. There are several ways viruses can be downloaded, but viruses are non the lone downloadable Nemesiss. Thankfully, America Online provides many tips for safety safeguards. Learning how viruses can and can non be downloaded, while educating oneself about viruses and Internet safety, is the best manner to protect personal computing machines.

Viruss are non the lone harmful points possible of being downloaded. Programs called Trojan Horses are besides damaging to computing machines and their users. A Trojan Horse is a plan disguised as another plan, normally one of importance. Most include programming designed to inquire for of import personal information, like a watchword or recognition card figure. Unlike viruses, Trojan Horse plans do non double themselves or distribute to other computing machines. While both are harmful, viruses are really different than Trojan Horses. Viruss are plans capable of doubling themselves. They besides disperse themselves from computing machine to computing machine. Some are destructive, destructing files on the computing machine, while others are non genuinely destructive. They merely make full up infinite on the difficult thrust, which in bend slows down the computing machine and causes other plans to non run expeditiously. At any rate, Trojan Horse plans and viruses are both risky to computing machines and their users.

Viruss and Trojan Horses can be downloaded in assorted ways. One manner they can non be downloaded is by merely opening an electronic mail. Numerous warnings claim opening an electronic mail will automatically download a virus onto the computing machine. These claims are in no manner true. Opening an electronic mail can non download viruses. However, downloading fond regards on electronic mails is an highly common manner to acquire a computing machine virus. This does include opening an electronic mail with images in it. Pictures are fond regards, which have to be downloaded. A warning will be shown if an electronic mail with a image in it is about to be opened. Another possible agency of obtaining a virus is by snaping on the hyper-links contained in some electronic mails. Hyper-links are the bluish links which provide cutoffs to different web sites. When the user is transferred to these net sites, some viruses can automatically be downloaded. Though in most instances, non all, a prompt will look inquiring if the file should be saved to the disc or run from the current location. Floppy discs bro

ught place can besides incorporate viruses. Even though gap electronic mails is non a manner of geting a virus, cautiousness should be exercised in managing electronic mail.

Safety safeguards can be taken to assist protect computing machines from viruses. An first-class arm in contending viruses is buying a well-known and well-thought-of anti-virus plan. America Online, known as AOL, suggests look intoing for updates on anti-virus plans about every two hebdomads. New viruses are invariably being created. Other methods of protection are besides effectual. Never download files from unknown people. If the mail is unasked, so file is likely non valid. AOL members can put their electronic mail penchants to maintain from having debris electronic mail. Besides, be highly careful about downloading stuff from web sites, including images. Most valid sites will supply a notice saying an anti-virus package has checked their files. If it is non clear or the files have non been checked, download the files to a floppy disc. Then scan the disc with a personal anti-virus plan. Floppy discs brought into the place should besides be checked. Last, create back up discs frequently. If a virus is downloaded, a current back up disc will be highly helpful. In add-on to protecting their computing machines, AOL members need to instantly describe any misdemeanors to the proper sections. Never respond to any debris electronic mail. Reacting to these electronic mails is a misdemeanor of the footings of service ( TOS ) . A TOS misdemeanor could ensue in loss of service for the AOL member. Alternatively of reacting, frontward all electronic mail misdemeanors, like vulgar linguistic communication, to TOSEMAIL1 @ Junk electronic mail should be forwarded to TOSSPAM @ Any emails containing fond regards should be forwarded to TOSFILES @ America Online provides its members with many tips for protecting themselves and their computing machines. All of this information, and much more, can be found at AOL Keyword: Safety.

Most people receive electronic mail from friends or household members warning them to non open certain electronic mail. The common belief is by opening the electronic mail a virus could be automatically downloaded. It still may be a good thought to merely cancel the unwanted electronic mails or to send on them to the proper governments, but opening electronic mails can non download viruses. Viruss and Trojan Horse plans can be downloaded onto computing machines through email fond regards and other assorted ways. However, by following the safety tips provided by most Internet suppliers, like America Online, the possibility of downloading a virus is greatly decreased. Staying informed about viruses and practising Internet safety is the best signifier of protection against computing machine viruses.

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