Do Viruses Help Essay Research Paper HOW

10 October 2017

Do Viruss Help? Essay, Research Paper


Merely like bacteriums viruses are one of the bugs that are winning the lucifer against the worlds. Viruss were the toughest one to undertake for the scientist. The form, contents and their protective shields were the most ambitious portion of the battle. There are many ways one can handle malignant neoplastic disease, but for AIDS physicians prescribe a cocktail of drugs in which some are enzyme inhibitors, protein inhibitors and while some are RNA inhibitors. This is non it in the cocktail there is more to the list. As the engineering additions and the cognition of our scientist about the Deoxyribonucleic acid, RNA, Viruses, Bacteria, and other interesting things we are a measure closer to the devastation of the virus.

The hardest portion of the virus is that it mutates a batch. Just like bacteriums viruses do acquire resistant to drugs we take against them. For illustration if one catches cold or flu the physicians prescribe Amoxicycilin or something similar to it. If the patient doesn & # 8217 ; t complete the dose there is a likeliness for the cold virus to acquire immune to Amoxicycilin ensuing a 2nd drug consumption. Pharmaceutical industries are seeking to take a new attack to do antiviral drugs. One late developed shows singular effects on the herpes virus. The recent antiviral drug indirectly attacks the virus doing it difficult for the virus to develop opposition to. Until today what the antiviral drugs did was they interfered with the production of the indispensable protein by the viruses. Viruss are besides denoted as parasites, intending that they infect a host as its life support.

To contend the war against the viruses University of Pennsylvania Medical Center researches took the herpes sim

plex virus for experimental intent, they found out that by suppressing certain set of cellular enzymes they can successfully halt all the viral activity which causes the host to go ill. “These enzymes are called cyclin-dependent kinases, or cdks. This enzyme along with other enzymes drive and coordinate cell division.” This enzyme is besides used by other viruses for reproduction intents therefore what Penn. squad did was they excessively the cdks inhibitor and infected the virus with it, the consequence that came out was that the cells didn’t replicate and the host cells were healthy.

Harmonizing to the statistics Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 strains have infected 80 % and 20 % severally, the singular thing is that these cdks inhibitors work best on these two strains of HSV. Along with these two strains of HSV there is a 3rd strain called Human CytoMegloVirus or HCMV which infects besides 80 % of the people, the cdks inhibitors shut this virus down for good. Trials are traveling to be conducted on the HIV, adenovirus, papovavirus, and parvovirus with the cdks inhibitors for these viruses work about the same as HSV.

If this drug works there might be a possibility for the people who have one of these viruses to be cured with one pill or with a cocktail in which one more pill is added to it. But the battle against viruses is non easy to win for they are merely more complicated than what we think it is. I learned that human race has still one more opportunity to last for few more old ages. Before I read this article I thought that merely like dinosaurs were nonextant we are traveling to be excessively. But the lone difference will be that they didn & # 8217 ; Ts know their ground of what caused the wiping of their race but we will Viruses.

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