Do What You Love And The Money

10 October 2017

Will Follow Essay, Research Paper

Make what you love and the money will follow

In this essay I will analyze the significance behind Jacob Needleman & # 8217 ; s statement & # 8220 ; There is this thought: & # 8216 ; Make what you love and the money will follow & # 8217 ; . I think that this is one of the New age Fantasies & # 8221 ; . First explicating this citation, I will so look at some of the inquiries that this statement raises, utilizing similar positions from an anthropology background and bookmans such as Karl Marx to look into the writers thoughts of ego cognition and the function of money in western civilization that are in the related article.

Through this article the writer is seeking to show the built-in false beliefs that are present in such a statement as & # 8220 ; Make what you love and the money will follow & # 8221 ; . This statement originally quoted by Marsha Sinetar, in her 1989 book Detecting Your Right Livelihood. Needlemam counteracts this with his theory on the function that money has and contributes in western civilization, he shows that money is the driving force behind everything, and that such a statement is nil more than merely a phantasy and non realistic, money comes before all else.

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He contends that everything that adult male does or accomplishes is, or for, the chase of money or exchange, and through this, society as a whole lives through this energy that is created.

Since, as the writer contends, that money is the & # 8220 ; Chief representative of & # 8216 ; life on Earth & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; than money is what drives us, we chase it, money, in the writer & # 8217 ; s eyes does non follow us. Therefore the statement & # 8221 ; make what you love and the money will follow & # 8221 ; is contrary to Needleman & # 8217 ; s beliefs and in a sense would look like a new age phantasy. Human life to him is money, to be human in this twenty-four hours and age is to necessitate money and our ain concision demands to accept this fact. To understand you & # 8217 ; re single life, you must accept that money is the most of import piece in our civilization at this clip in human development you must accept it and accommodate to it in order to last. To believe that you can make what you like and the money follow is inexplicable.

In add-on to Neeldeman & # 8217 ; s theory if you look at a similar hypothesis taken by anthropologist Meridith Small which serves to better exemplify the point of money being the

distinct factor in all of society through human development. Dr. Small uses the illustration of coupling and sexual attractive force in Homo Sapiens as a usher ; she contends that sexual attractive force within the Homo Sapiens subset is greatly influenced by wealth, which translates into the ability to care for offspring. She states, โ€ She wants a adult male who will supply for her kids, she needs his money, his resources and his protection to care for the kids she will raiseโ€1. This illustrates portion of Needlemanโ€™s point, on the nature of money and wealth. If you look at this quotation mark you could easy wipe out the portion work forces who have and still come out with the same consequence, and the same decision as Needleman.

Karl Marx, the great societal observer, one time said of the economic worlds, & # 8220 ; The first signifier of the household, was based on economic conditions, on the triumph of private belongings over crude, natural communal belongings & # 8221 ; 2. Again, what Marx is stating, is that even in the beginning of human society there was a unquestionably strong tendency towards private ownership, which translates into money. Through this statement,

Needleman & # 8217 ; s point is made more valid ; it shows that money has its roots in everything and that it would be crass to presume that such a psychotic belief as money following you will happen.

There are some inquiries that arise in such a statement, such as does money truly override everything. Is the universe so consumed with net incomes, capitalist economy and ownerships that it can run on nil else? Where is love, is this an antediluvian impression merely held by such romantic poets such as Lord Byron and Shelly, are their ideals based entirely on the & # 8220 ; great doubloon & # 8221 ;

Where does faith fall into this equation? The writer would hold us believe that everything we do has to be based on money and or it & # 8217 ; s effects. 95 % of the World & # 8217 ; s population believes in a higher signifier than worlds, it could be said that this is what drives the universe, and non the great dollar that so obviously drives most of western civilization. And eventually, if a individual does make up one’s mind to make what he or she loves than possibly the money will come, or possibly non, but at least your happy and I would surmise that a great figure of the population would instead stop their clip on this planet happy over rich.

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