Do You Consider John Proctor E Essay

10 October 2017

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& # 8220 ; I have given you my psyche ; go forth me my name! & # 8221 ;

Make you see John Procter to be heroic?

John Proctor was a husbandman in Salem, Massachusetts in America and, because he had a batch of land, he was a good respected in the small town. He was married to Elizabeth and they had three kids together. He was involved in the 1692 Salem enchantress tests, which provoked mass craze amongst the people of the small town. At the terminal of the tests, 20 people inexperienced person of witchery were hanged. John Proctor was an ordinary husbandman & # 8211 ; how could he perchance be considered heroic?

Although Proctor was respected, he was besides slightly feared. Peoples reacted to his air of authorization. For illustration, Mary Warren, the Proctors & # 8217 ; retainer, begs: & # 8220 ; Pray, pray, ache me non, & # 8221 ; which, to me, suggests she is afraid of her maestro. On a old juncture, Mary is said to hold leapt up in fear when Proctor enters the room.

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Proctor is strong willed and he has an interior belief in his ain positions and ethical motives. He is a principled adult male, non a dissembler. He by and large will non make something he doesn & # 8217 ; t believe in. This point is illustrated by the fact that he will non travel to church on a regular basis because he does non esteem the curate, Reverend Samuel Parris. Parris wants to replace the current church tapers with fancy new gold 1s. To Proctor, this seems like a really mercenary attitude to take & # 8211 ; particularly for a adult male of the church. It seems to me dry that Proctor is the 1 objecting to Parris & # 8217 ; s desire for the candle holders because typically the curate is meant to put an illustration for his parishioners to follow. Proctor is non easy led and so he will non & # 8216 ; bow down & # 8217 ; earlier Parris as he does non esteem him and so he thinks it is non right to travel to church if he does non O.K. of the curate.

Besides, he does non endure saps lief. He finds even the mere suggestion of witchery wholly farcical. He is non afraid to talk his head. The fact that he is non afraid to openly roast this backs up the point that he is an independent adult male who is non easy led. He refuses to acquire involved in the craze, which has engulfed the small town.

Although an honorable adult male, he is capable of dishonest Acts of the Apostless as the matter with Abigail demonstrates. The principled side of him interrupt off the relationship but he can non halt himself being emotionally drawn to Abigail. He sees these go oning feelings for her as a failing in his character. A fearful side of him comes through. When he is speaking to his married woman, Elizabeth, he hides behind fiddling and polite conversation. The ambiance is tense and awkward between them, as Elizabeth is cognizant of the matter. They seem to & # 8217 ; skate & # 8217 ; around the topic as they are seeking to avoid speaking about it. Proctor refuses to travel to the tribunal and attest against Abigail, as he does non desire their matter to go common cognition among the people of the small town. The bond between Abigail and him still exists and I think Elizabeth realises and R

esents this. I think Proctor is ashamed of his matter and he tells his married woman: “I mean to delight you, Elizabeth.”

However, every bit shortly as Elizabeth and his other friends are accused by Abigail of being involved with the Satan Proctor & # 8217 ; s attitudes alteration. He has a loyal nature and when people he cares about are in problem he does non believe twice approximately seeking to assist them. He becomes determined and Acts of the Apostless rapidly because his friends are in hazard. By traveling to tribunal, and publically acknowledging his matter, Proctor demonstrates steadfast bravery & # 8211 ; he is willing to melanize his name in order that his friends & # 8217 ; names are cleared. When threatened with decease if he doesn & # 8217 ; t have up to making the Satan & # 8217 ; s work, Proctor defies the tribunal by keeping his ain, and everyone else & # 8217 ; s, artlessness.

He demonstrates selflessness. After being imprisoned for a few hebdomads, merely before his is due to be hanged, Proctor is given the chance to acknowledge witchery yet once more. He does have up to get down with because by squealing he would be allowed to populate. He changes his head after subscribing the confession. & # 8220 ; I have three kids & # 8211 ; how may I learn them to walk like work forces in the universe, and I sold my friends. & # 8221 ; Proctor does non desire to melanize his ain and his friends & # 8217 ; names. He defies the tribunal once more when he rips up the confession because he is excessively principled a adult male to destroy his name by subscribing himself to an untruthful confession and so holding it nailed to the church door & # 8211 ; & # 8220 ; Because it is my name! How may I live without my name? I have given you my psyche: go forth me my name! & # 8221 ;

Proctor demonstrates huge selflessness and bravery. There is a sense of humbleness in him merely before he is due to hang. He is resigned to the fact and accepts it. He sees it as a penalty for his wickednesss and so he doesn & # 8217 ; t want to be thought of as a saint like Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse. By accepting his decease Elizabeth says, & # 8220 ; He hold his goodness now. & # 8221 ; Proctor kept his name.

I believe that in order to be a hero 1 has to be epic but I do non believe that all epic people are heroes. There is no uncertainty in my head that John Proctor was heroic. He lost his life wrongfully because he would non squeal to something that had ne’er happened. He could hold taken the easy manner out by subscribing his name to a confession but his scruples knew that this was incorrect. He was non a weak adult male who lied easy and the idea of melanizing his name filled him with horror because by making so he would besides melanize his household and friends. Throughout the class of the Salem enchantress tests, Proctor changes from a somewhat selfish adult male who had a quiet life as a husbandman to a altruistic adult male willing to give up his life because he remained honest. This aristocracy is, to me, really heroic. However, when it comes down to it, he did non accomplish some effort of great strength or intelligence. He did non salvage small kids from a combustion house. He was an fornicator, and he broke several of the Ten Commandments. He was non a hero & # 8211 ; he was a adult male who had to make the right thing.

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