The ‘low-down’ on how to keep yourself organised 0 Folders/files Storage boxes Good for storing away old work that you don’t need anymore Ring binders Good for school use; different colour per subject perhaps? Plastic Wallet Folders Great for projects or for organising into one topic per folder. Easier to find work when it comes to revision Expanding File Great for carrying multiple subjects or multiple topics for revision. Lever arch folders Use for storing away all work done for one subject (Paper)Document wallets

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Use for individual topics or project work. Handy to store revision notes for a subject too Page dividers and indexes Use these to organise lever arch folders or normal school folders, so you know where one subject/topic ends and another begins Punched pockets Used for projects or for little bits of paper/index cards to store in files/folders Suspension files Used to separate bits of work in a filing cabinet e. g. different subject per file NB: Make labels for all folders, so you know which subject/topic is in which folder Storage of files and folders:

Bookshelf- easy to see and reach Filing cabinet – hides away work from view and is usually lockable Timekeeping Calendars Great Tor easy-to-read Oates ana events e. g. exams Planners (academic diaries) The best thing to use for homework – you can see what is due when and what needs to be done Wall planners Like a calendar, but bigger and for the whole year. Good for exams dates, holidays and major events. Place somewhere where you will see it e. g. bedroom wall Wrist watch/wall clock Essential for time-keeping Cork board/ White board

Good for messages, reminders and keeping bits of random paper safe Note-making Refill pad Use for general note-making in class and for homework. Cheap too! Plus you can store pages in files/folders easily. But be careful not to lose loose pieces of paper A4 notebook Same as above, but fixed in a notebook (which means harder to lose). Good for general use in class/homework Mini note-pad Keep a small note-book on you all the time, soif you think of something, you can quickly write it down before you forget e. g. before bedtime, on the bus etc. (NB: Pen required :P)

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A5 notebook Good for note-jotting in class or for rough work Post-it notes Stick revision notes/reminders in books or on walls or even inlockers. E. g. Key formulae in maths textbook Index cards Good for languages – orals, vocabulary and for revision/presentation notes Premium pads More expenslve paper. can De usea Tor general notes/nomeworK out also Tor coursework and projects. Other random tips: Make a list of things to do’ on a piece of paper – easy to read and you can tick off everything youVe done (which is actually quite satisfying) Back up all work you do!

Whether it’s photocopying coursework or backing up on a flash drive or even using online storage facilities like Dropbox or Skydrive Do not procrastinate i. e. do it now and not later Make sure you can find things you need e. g. putting all of your notes in the attic, when you know you’ll need them soon Colour coordinate: specify colours for subjects/ topics – it makes things look pretty too… Go stationary shopping – buy files/folders with friends, because staying organised is cool and you can pick colours together

Keep practice exam papers together in a storage box so you have them for revision Always consider the question: “Do I really need this? ” e. g. a doodle on a piece of paper from Year 7 isn’t worth organising into a folder, so Just recycle it and move on. Recycle old paperwork! Keep work from previous years away from the current years work – store in the garage/attic if you really need it Use felt-tips or coloured markers – make things bold and readable Date everything! Don’t waste too much time on colour coding etc. It’s not the end of the world if the colours don’t match 0

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